Therapeutic living
& learning environment
living & learning
to support Children and Young people
to support Children and Young people
Nurture One offer therapeutic living and learning environment to
support Children and Young people 8-18 who are considered to be
the most vulnerable within the United Kingdom.

Our experience of working within both education and residential care over the last 20 years has highlighted the barriers presented to young people accommodated within a group living environment, and how the environment becomes problematic in sustaining positive and safe relationships and attachments. At times, group living is not conducive to achieving the desired outcome of each young person’s plan. In response Nurture One will offer singleton placements where 2:1 support will be available to meet the needs of each young person’s individual Risk Assessment. The young people accommodated within our provisions, will be supported in the development of a 24hr curriculum that will meet their individual differentiated needs.

We will employ Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) as our means of managing behaviour linked to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE`S) and trauma.

Each individual plan will be underpinned by a curriculum that is designed to raise levels of attainment, promote progression, meet needs and effect change within our young people, achieving outcomes that at times are not possible within a group living environment. As well as providing on site education, as part of our curriculum we will be working closely with Includem, who will offer intensive bespoke support in meeting the needs of the young people.

Nurture One aims to create an environment that is both nurturing and therapeutic, but most importantly, we aim to create a home where our young people feel that they belong.