For a Therapeutic Living & Learning Environment

to support Children, Young people and Families

Our Why

We believe every child deserves happy and positive childhood memories and to create a bright future and not to be held back from the past life experiences.

Our How

Nurture One offer therapeutic living and learning environments to support children, young people and families who are considered to be the most vulnerable within the United Kingdom.

Our Experience

Our experience of working within both education and residential care over the last 20 years has highlighted the barriers and gaps presented to children, young people and families who are vulnerable in society and who need positive and safe relationships and attachments.

Our aims

We aim to...

We aim to Invest in futures that will have tenable long term outcomes. We need to be a voice for the vulnerable, ensure long term progression and work in a meaningful and impactful way.

By being ambassadors for the rights of those we support we can co-produce and co-design services with young people and families at the heart of what we do.

And as well as all of that we need to be informed by the latest research and be the trail blazers to design ethically driven and sustainable services for the future.

Bridge the gaps
Raise attainment levels
Meet unmet needs
Design new services
Years of Experience
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Nurture One - Coalburn

Young People

Our Promise to you

Read more about Nurture One’s Promise to you, our Vision for you and our Mission towards both.

We will help you shape the future you want to have, support you to leave our care feeling safe, nurtured and supported and to look beyond your chronology with us.

Our mission is to give you a ‘home’, love you and always believe in you. We also want to create a nurturing environment and a safe space where you can be you while respecting your story and journey so far.

We promise to never give up and provide families with a nurturing home where they will have opportunities to grow in confidence together for life’s journey.

We want to hear your voice

What's available to our young people and parents

Nurture One want to make sure everyone has access to the channels they need to feel supported and valued.  Take a look at what we offer…

Interactive Section

Through a partner called MIND OF MY OWN we offer young people a range of interactive tools they can use to achieve their potential


We want our young people to have access to the widest possible range of resources. Have a look at our interactive map to access these

Direct Contact

We provide various methods of contact for both our young people AND parents to contact staff

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The Nurture One Team

Meet Our Team

At Nurture One we work with a team of people who are dedicated to providing the best service and care to the young people who are after all at the heart of our organisation.  Read our core team’s biographies below.

Mari McVicar

Managing Director
Mari has been working in Residential Childcare since 2000 in various roles
Read More

Kevin McDonald

Managing Director
Kevin is one of the owners and cofounders of Nurture One.
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Pamela Gallagher

Director of Care
Pamela has worked with and around Children for more than 25yrs
Read More

Kirsty Aitken

Director of Operations
Kirsty has been employed in the care sector since 2007
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Ashley Pollock

Registered Manager
Ashley believes everyone deserves a caring and nurturing environment to thrive.
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Lesley Gray

Registered Manager
Lesley has been a residential manager for over 20 years
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Our Team

At Nurture One we believe in all of our managers and staff

We are building a culture where we don’t give up. We will address blockers, we will find solutions, we will make positive things happen, we will always believe, we will always bring positivity and hope to every challenge

We all commit to working on our individual self-awareness of our mindset, attitude, vibes and energy and how these impact on others. We commit to proactively self-direct, be self-motivated and positively driven.

Lots of Useful Links to all kinds of Resources

The point of our Nurture Academy service is to offer young people the chance to access to the kind of training that will benefit them in a multitude of different ways.

We also curate a list of locations in the form of a Community Map which will interest our young people in a variety of ways.

Nurture Academy

Our aim is to help support young people who have not yet attained their full potential within their chosen vocational path. We do this by providing them with the skills and confidence to progress from basic level courses to higher level courses, apprenticeship opportunities and ultimately our aim is to help these young people into paid employment within the hair and beauty sector.

Community Map

Our community map holds a wide variety of locations, places to visit and resources all based on a map of the area with interactive pins that can be expanded to reveal more detail.

Reading Area

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Vision and Values

We believe in and promote..

At Nurture one we hold our vision and values in high regard.  Take a look at what we believe in and promote

We are building a culture where we trust each other, take planned risks in the name of progression and learning. We know we will fall, push boundaries and make mistakes, but we are the safety net for each other and will support each other to reflect and learn.

We don’t put a ceiling or limit on our children, young people or staff’s potential. Our young people set out their parameters for their future and we wholeheartedly support them.

We are building a culture where we say what we mean and mean what we say. We keep our promises, are credible, reliable and use our initiative.

Every shift counts in our young people’s journeys.

We do the right thing even when no one is watching.

We are building a culture where we don’t give up. We will address blockers, we will find solutions, we will make positive things happen, we will always believe, we will always bring positivity and hope to every challenge.

We are building a culture where we take time to invest a focus on our own practice and learning. We ask ourselves the difficult and challenging questions. We admit our mistakes and always strive for improvement at every level. We track and monitor progress and evaluate regularly how we are doing. We capture and evidence our young people’s journeys and experiences and help them make sense of this. We seek to understand root cause behaviours and triggers and not label our young people.

We are building a culture where we feel comfortable to challenge each other, not allow things to fester, have the difficult conversations, encourage healthy challenging regardless of title or position. There will be no barriers to honesty, openness and transparency. We will actively work together to foster a healthy culture free from toxicity, rumours and splitting behaviours.

We are building a culture where we are all leaders. We will take ownership, responsibility and accountability. We will admit when we get things wrong and commit to reflecting and learning from this. We will never make assumptions. We will remain curious and open minded. We will offer structure, routine and rituals that are positive and supportive for our young people to provide them with stability, consistency, security and predictable environments. We will fully support the ‘why’, purpose and vision of our organisation at all times. ‘You will be the leaders you want your leader to be’.

We all commit to working on our individual self-awareness of our mindset, attitude, vibes and energy and how these impact on others. We commit to proactively self-direct, be self-motivated and positively driven.


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Mari McVicar

Managing Director

Mari has an Honours degree in Behavioural Science, an Honours degree in Social Work (Residential Child Care Pathway) and a PDA in Leadership and Management in Residential Services.

Prior to founding Nurture One Ltd Mari worked as a Residential Manager for a leading residential child care company.

Kevin McDonald

Managing Director

My name is Kevin McDonald and I am one of the owners and cofounders of Nurture One. Over the past 15 years I have worked with Children and Young People in Various capacities, firstly with Dundee City Councils Offsite Education Service, before moving onto the PACE Programme at Dundee and Angus College. Whilst in Dundee I studied Community Learning and Development at Dundee University before moving back to Glasgow in 2016. It was at this point I experienced Residential directly taking up a position in a residential child care company. It was during this time the idea of Nurture One developed. After experiencing drug abuse and multi deprivation to an extent in my own life, I felt there was an overriding motivation to create an organisation that would ensure the following;

  • That our young people should be afforded the same opportunities as every other young person in society.
  • That our young people have significant people in their lives, people that will stick by them, and help them learn from the multiple mistakes they will make. 
  • That our young people will be challenged and trusted, and through this will find progression in their lives that is relevant to them
Pamela Gallagher

Director of Care

Hi my name is Pamela Gallagher,  I am a mother of 5 grown up children (3 boys and 2 girls) and have worked with and around Children for more than 25yrs.  I have built up my knowledge and understanding of child care through personal experiences as well as educationally and experientially. I have worked in various roles within social care and education including Training and Development where I was in the Training Manager for 5 years whereby I  completed my Leadership and Management award in 2012  moving into Residential Child Care management in 2015  I managed a residential service for 5 years and Service managed 4 services before moving to Nurture one.

Kirsty Aitken

Director of Operations

Kirsty has been employed in the care sector since 2007, making the move to children’s residential in 2009.  Prior to joining Nurture One as Director of Operations & Compliance, Kirsty has experienced residential childcare at all levels, carrying out the following roles, with various private residential childcare providers: 

• Residential childcare worker
• Senior residential childcare worker
• Assistant residential childcare manager
• Residential childcare manager
• Residential services manager
• Operations manager
• Director of operations
• Director of operation and compliance

Kirsty is fully qualified in her role including SVQ level 4 in both Residential Childcare and Leadership & Management. Kirsty is also trained in Compliance Management, is a CEOP ambassador, Designated Lead Safe Guarder, an NSPCC Safeguarding and Child Protection Trainer and a Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Trainer. 

“I have a strong belief in, and commitment to Nurture One and have learned, a good leader is someone who believes in the project they are leading and has carried out the role of the team they will lead; they will have first-hand knowledge of the role and can lead by example.” 

Ashley Pollock

Registered Manager

Ashley has worked in Residential Childcare since 2017 in various roles in the sector with her most recent being Residential Manager. Prior to Residential Childcare Ashley worked in the community helping others while she studied BA HONS Social Science with Psychology and Criminology. Ashley has built up her knowledge and experience in her role through work and studying. She is currently studying PDA level 9 Childhood practice at Glasgow Clyde college which will add to her wealth of knowledge and experience within the field of childcare.  

Lesley Gray

Registered Manager

I have been a residential manager for over 20 years.  I have a Maters in Business Administration, PG Certificate in Child Protection, Diploma in Social Work, CMI Diploma in Management, PDA Advanced Certificate in Supervising and Managing in Personal Social Services, Registered Managers Award, HNC in Social Care, SVQ Level 3 Working with Young People and Children.  I have a passion for working with children and young people and supporting them through their journeys to achieve their goals and aspirations.