Vision & Values

Our Vision

We provide individualised person centred care to children and young people. We employ a framework of intervention using a component based model focusing on three primary domains; Attachment, Regulation and Competency.

We provide one-to-one care for children and young people who have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) eg neglectful, abusive and traumatic pasts, who exhibit this trauma through their behaviour and complex needs.

We seek to improve the current and future experiences of these children and young people achieve a fulfilling and rewarding life and reach their potential. We recognise that a secure therapeutic relationship with the staff team can have a positive impact on their self esteem and confidence.

We provide nurturing and homely environments with a staff team who are passionate and committed to improving the lives and life chances of our young people.

Our Core Values

Respect and Dignity
We recognise and respect differences in people and show this respect through our daily interactions with each other. We listen to the views and opinions of the young people and their families and seek to incorporate these views within the person centred care plan.

We lead by example by demonstrating honesty, transparency and respect for young people, their families, the staff team and external professionals.

The welfare and protection of the children and young people is paramount to our values. We seek to keep young people safe from harm and abuse. We support young people to make sense of the previous trauma they have experienced. This allows the young people to develop the skills to keep themselves safe from harm in the future.

We show empathy, nurture, kindness and understanding in our interactions in order to build stable, secure and trustworthy relationships with the young people and their family.

Trust and Challenge
Progression and development are only allowed where Trust and Challenge are evident within each young person`s plan, it is never possible to eliminate risk, we can only reduce it.