Vision and values


We are building a culture where we trust each other, take planned risks in the name of progression and learning. We know we will fall, push boundaries and make mistakes, but we are the safety net for each other and will support each other to reflect and learn.
We don’t put a ceiling or limit on our children, young people or staff’s potential. Our young people set out their parameters for their future and we wholeheartedly support them.

We are building a culture where we feel comfortable to challenge each other, not allow things to fester, have the difficult conversations, encourage healthy challenging regardless of title or position. There will be no barriers to honesty, openness and transparency. We will actively work together to foster a healthy culture free from toxicity, rumours and splitting behaviours.

We are building a culture where we say what we mean and mean what we say.
We keep our promises, are credible, reliable and use our initiative.
Every shift counts in our young people’s journeys.
We do the right thing even when no one is watching.

We are building a culture where we are all leaders. We will take ownership, responsibility and accountability. We will admit when we get things wrong and commit to reflecting and learning from this. We will never make assumptions. We will remain curious and open minded. We will offer structure, routine and rituals that are positive and supportive for our young people to provide them with stability, consistency, security and predictable environments. We will fully support the ‘why’, purpose and vision of our organisation at all times. ‘You will be the leaders you want your leader to be’.

We are building a culture where we don’t give up. We will address blockers, we will find solutions, we will make positive things happen, we will always believe, we will always bring positivity and hope to every challenge.

We all commit to working on our individual self-awareness of our mindset, attitude, vibes and energy and how these impact on others.  We commit to proactively self-direct, be self-motivated and positively driven.

We are building a culture where we take time to invest a focus on our own practice and learning.  We ask ourselves the difficult and challenging questions.  We admit our mistakes and always strive for improvement at every level.  We track and monitor progress and evaluate regularly how we are doing.  We capture and evidence our young people’s journeys and experiences and help them make sense of this.  We seek to understand root cause behaviours and triggers and not label our young people.