Meet the team


Managing Director





My name is Kevin McDonald and I am one of the owners and cofounders of Nurture One. Over the past 15 years I have worked with Children and Young People in Various capacities, firstly with Dundee City Councils Offsite Education Service, before moving onto the PACE Programme at Dundee and Angus College. Whilst in Dundee I studied Community Learning and Development at Dundee University before moving back to Glasgow in 2016. It was at this point I experienced Residential directly taking up a position with Spark of Genius. It was during this time the idea of Nurture One developed. After experiencing drug abuse and multi deprivation to an extent in my own life, I felt there was an overriding motivation to create an organisation that would ensure the following;

· That our young people should be afforded the same opportunities as every other young person in society.

· That our young people have significant people in their lives, people that will stick by them, and help them learn from the multiple mistakes they will make.

· That our young people will be challenged and trusted, and through this will find progression in their lives that is relevant to them.


Director of Care





Hi my name is Pamela Gallagher,  I am a mother of 4 grown up children (3 boys and 1 girl) and have worked with and around Children for more than 25yrs.  I have built up my knowledge and understanding of child care through personal experiences as well as educationally and experientially. I have worked in various roles within social care and education including Training and Development where I was in the Training Manager for 5 years whereby I  completed my Leadership and Management award in 2012  moving into Residential Child Care management in 2015  I managed a residential service for 5 years and Service managed 4 services before moving to Nurture one.

My why – I believe every young person deserves and should have a loving caring environment to grow up in and should be surrounded by people who are experienced and are passionate about providing this care.


House Manager

Louisa Spratt’s bio is coming soon.


Managing Director





Mari has been working in Residential Childcare since 2000 in various roles giving her a wealth of knowledge and experience in the care sector.  Mari has an Honours degree in Behavioural Science, an Honours degree in Social Work (Residential Child Care Pathway) and a PDA in Leadership and Management in Residential Services.

Prior to founding Nurture One Ltd Mari worked as a Residential Manager for a leading residential child care company.  

My Why – I believe that regardless of adverse childhood experiences, every child deserves the opportunity  to feel safe, create positive memories and build a future for themselves.


Operational Manager children, young people and families






My name is Louise Mackie. I am the Children and Families Operational Manager with Nurture One. I manage the family assessment house. I am also in the process of developing the through care and after care service with Nurture One. I have been a qualified social worker since June 2012. The majority of my experience comes from working within the statutory children and families’ sector. I have extensive experience of working with mothers and babies, providing assessment and support, in order to create the opportunity for the families to safely remain together. I have provided this support in my role, as a children and families practitioner, and as through care and after practitioner. As my experience also includes working alongside vulnerable young people leaving care. I have a strong professional understanding of the challenges that the young people are faced with, how vulnerable they are at this stage of their lives, and the important role that the local authority and partner agencies play, in accordance with corporate parenting responsibilities. I have significant experience of multi-agency working and recognise the importance of such to ensure that vulnerable young people are supported in having their needs met into adulthood. I use a strengths-based approach to underpin my practice and like to work restoratively with the clients I work with.

The reason why I do my job is because I believe in giving people the best start in life. I believe this can be achieved by keeping families together by providing young parents with the opportunity to become good parents, providing them with the knowledge and skills required for bringing up their baby with confidence, whilst providing them with the love and nurture they require to grow and develop into good loving parents.


House Manager





I am Ricky Mullen residential manager at Crawford House. I joined Nurture One in September 2021. I have now been working in care since 2004 when I started work as a residential worker at St Philips secure unit. I was then promoted to assistant manager and spent 5 years in this role before the unit closed in 2011. I then moved at this point to a company Common Thread and was appointed as a House Manager in the Tranent service. I stayed in this role for 4 years before being asked to take over the role as regional manager for all the services in Scotland.
I did this role for over a year and then decided to move to Moorehouse Care and Education in 2017 where I was appointed as Lead Service Manager and again did this role for over a Year.
I have a developed in all of my positions and will always look to support the teams and young people in every place that I have worked. Care has drastically changed over the past 18 Years, and I have enjoyed learning and developing my practice throughout.

I also delivered training in safe crisis management in Common Thread and am currently being trained to deliver Therapeutic Crisis Intervention to support the team in Nurture One. I look forward to the future in the company and am excited to be part of a very forward-thinking organisation that are looking to explore new ideas and practices to offer young people the best opportunity to succeed in their future.